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Whiter teeth whenever, wherever

Every pursuit starts with a vision.

As for Refresh Mobile Teeth Whitening, its existence is tied with the vivid reason people needing to whiten their teeth and have that warm and confident smile.

I am Jennifer Davis/Mayes, the Owner-Operator of Refresh Mobile Teeth Whitening currently based out of Orland Park, IL. I was born in Greenville, MS., one of the nine children of a single mother. Despite the daily stresses in education, I never let my circumstances define me.

The challenges that came with being raised in one of the poorest communities in the state E. Chicago Heights. IL served as my motivation to continually strive for success. Receiving an AA from South Suburban College in Radiology Technologist, and Bachelor of Science from Rush University in Imaging Science, I received more of the tools that were needed so that I could continue to enlarge her territory.

I also credit the military for exposing me to the wonderful world of dental health care and giving my professional purpose. While in the Army, I first trained as a dental assistant and was part of Operation Desert Storm. I helped make sure soldiers meet the dental standards before being deployed and spent countless hours working closely with soldiers ensuring dental readiness was achieved.

From vision to reality

Fast forward to the present, the vision of wanting to see people with whiter teeth and a bright smile goes beyond just an idea. It’s become a job that I enjoy doing every time, all the time.

Currently residing in Orland Park, IL. I run the only mobile teeth whitening company in the Chicagoland area. I see teeth whitening as a gateway to improve the dental health care of all individuals and diverse communities.

As someone equipped with knowledge that I could share with people, I feel like it's a responsibility to educate my clients, and partner with dental professionals to make dental care a new priority. It wasn’t too long ago when I launched my whitening business in 2017 in Crete, IL.

I took a leap of faith and put everything in.

With Refresh Mobile Teeth Whitening kits, I want to cover everything and make sure it’s available whenever my clients feel the need to use it, no matter the occasion. I want to be able to offer whatever my clients need when it comes to whitening their teeth.

RMTW always upholds certain core values: accountability, compassion, and dedication for clients who want better but struggle with the tools to do better. And today, I see how RMTW has become a go-to place to improve dental care and educate clients about the importance of dental hygiene.

When they walk into my door, I want them to have a spa experience: friendly, cozy, at the same professional. Imagine me saying this to my clients: “If I don’t whiten your teeth, you don’t pay.” But everyone has paid, so it’s fulfilling and rewarding to know that I have my clients’ trust.

I want nothing more than giving people a bright smile and enhance their personality through my teeth whitening kits and services. I want them to make a statement of style with their pearly white teeth. So, let me end this piece with this: “A happy client shows me that I’m making a real difference in the world. After all, nothing in life is more important than good health.”

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