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Founded by Jennifer Davis/Mayes in 2018, Refresh Mobile Teeth Whitening® is a leader in teeth whitening products and services. Our professional services and exceptional at-home Products puts us in a class by ourselves.  Refresh

Mobile Teeth Whitening® products are loved by many. Refresh Mobile Teeth Whitening has always upholds certain core values: Accountability, Compassion, and Dedication for clients. In the world of teeth whitening Refresh Teeth Whitening  has products their own charisma.  Our teeth whitening kit is not just simply whitening instrument but a joy to use and a statement of style. Moreover, each kit has supreme quality material in it which ensures brightest smile with no harm. We produce incredible results. We are always focused on delivering the best to our customers. Choosing a teeth whitening product has never been this easy. Refresh Teeth Whitening is the dominant brand in teeth whitening industry. We use the supreme quality ingredients. We pride ourselves for the love and trust we get from our customers.

So don’t you want a visibly brighter smile? Enhance your personality and get yourself to the top with your incredible pearly white smile. Our kits are very effective and economical too. Achieve your personality goals easily. Experience our products today and be your own kind of beautiful!

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